In 2013 while I was still in college in the US, I used to follow “Humans of New York” on Facebook. This was probably my favorite page back then.

In early 2015 I moved back to Ecuador after graduation. I decided to replicate “Humans of New York” and opened my Facebook page called “Humans of Ecuador”. A little after I found out that someone else had already a page with the same name since 2013. After that, I stopped pursuing that project.

That same year I started working as a teacher. In my job I met many Americans that came to Ecuador to work & travel. We traveled every weekend to many places that were unknown to the majority of locals. Many of our trips involved hiking.

By late 2015 trail-running started to become a popular sport in Ecuador.

In 2016 I ran many trail-running races. Through races I had the chance to explore many beautiful unpopular places in Ecuador. I also met a lot of interesting people.

This blog has been categorized into three sections. The first “humans” in memory to my first blogging project idea of telling stories about people inspired by “Humans of New York”. The second, “sports”, dedicated to adventure sports, and the third section “places” dedicated to all the popular and not so popular places in Ecuador.

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In Ecuador soccer is like religion, but here you won’t find any information about it. Adventure sports it’s a great way to explore Ecuador. Read more about them here.